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Cardsnipers Member Success


  • Bot Support

    Bot support for drops and restocks. We specialize in KSR, eStock, PeePee Bot, and Stellar

  • 24/7 Support

    Constant support and guidance from our team. Access to weekly group calls

  • Exclusive Snipes On Cards

    Daily ebay snipe links for short term investing, long term investing, or quick flips

  • Group Buys

    Group Buys with proxy companies, server companies, and bots. Discounted products for Cardsnipers members

  • Investments

    Sports Card investments for short and long term

  • Quick Flips

    From anything to funkos and GPU's to pools and in-store flips!

  • Monitors

    Keeping track of any Walmart, Target, Newegg, Pokecenter, Panini, Amazon, Playstation, and Bestbuy restocks and drops around the clock for highly demanded products

  • Fire sales

    Live auctions for a chance for our members to sell products as well as pick up cards or wax at a price below ebay comps

  • Cashout on products

    No need to sell on eBay anymore and deal with annoying customers and unnecessary fees! Our group offers a cashout individual who is willing to buy all of your products for profit!

  • Early Links

    Early links and SKUs for products restocking on websites such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, Pokecenter, Topps and more!

I have a blast copping every morning with the Card Snipers Gang! Their retail monitors and bot expertise have helped me cop GPUs, Cards, and low-key items, and their knowledge on cards is unmatched.!

Jeremy G

Before I joined this group I was mainly into sneakers; however, Cardsnipers were able to show me how much money there is to be made in retail! They help me make thousands every month from flips such as GPU's, funkos, cards, and PS5's/Xboxs!

Arfadh G

Card Snipers isn’t your typical cook group. You can immediately feel the passion for cards and for the community. I have learned something new every single day since I’ve been a part of the group. These guys are a truly fantastic.

Chad D


Ask us anything, we are here to make the cards of your dreams a reality!